Paul Wilson

Chairman & CEO​

Paul Wilson has 40 years experience as a professional media consultant, 30 years with his own firm. He has created advertising and strategic plans for some of the nation's most challenging political races.

Paul Wilson earned his masters from the University of Missouri School of Journalism where he created the first degree in political consulting, combining voter behavior, communications theory, the study of film and advertising with persuasive writing. His undergraduate degree is in public administration.

Steve Grand



Steve Grand has been a consultant, strategist, producer, director and writer for 30 years. He has produced thousands of TV ads and many longer format films. A Gold Pollie award winner, Steve has done the media, strategy and research on hundreds of winning campaigns in 47 states and 20 countries, as well as communications and messaging for dozens of companies and organizations. 

Steve Grand received his undergraduate degree from Harvard - magna cum laude. Steve earned his Ph.D. from the Annenberg School at the University of Southern California and wrote his doctoral dissertation on political persuasion and media.

Jeff Hight

Senior Video Editor


Jeff is an award-winning video editor with 30  years experience in video production. He has produced for ABC Nightline, Cellular One, EnergySolutions and many winning political candidates across the nation.


Jeff is as pleasant as he is creative. His skills in video editing, graphic design, photography, music and audio elevate Wilson Grand projects to the highest level.

Jeff plays bass guitar in two bands and is continually expanding his musical knowledge for both personal and professional development.

Marjorie Kline

​Vice President and Creative Director


Marjorie is a consultant, educator and writer working with leaders on business and political communications for over 25 years.  She began at the Republican National Committee, served as a Legislative Assistant for the Senate Finance Committee, and was a congressional liaison in the Reagan Administration. 


Marjorie teaches Ethics and Technology at The George Washington University. She is a message and image expert and has received  two government awards for innovative public affairs strategies.  Marjorie earned her Master's from Harvard University.  She studied public administration and business. Her undergraduate degree is in journalism and art.

Natalie Szemetylo
Production Manager

Natalie Szemetylo is a Production Manager and Researcher. She started as an intern at the firm in September 2013 and was promoted to a full-time position in 2014.  Natalie organizes film shoot crews, assists in budgeting and initiates political and candidate research. 

An Ohio native, Natalie has an undergraduate degree in political science from The University of Akron and a Master's in political management from The George Washington University.